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We use technology innovation to make sales and fulfillment processes at industrial companies more efficient, so your sales team can focus on what matters most: building relationships and selling.

Sales Teams Need Better Tech and Process to Thrive

If you’re in the business of selling complex industrial products and services, you know that your selling process can have many, many steps. Qualifying leads, estimation and quoting, proposals and contracts, pre-sales engineering and layouts, batches and warranty claims.

All of which can lead to hundreds of emails, Excel sheets, and phone calls. All of which slows your team down and makes your sales efforts less productive – after all, you want your sales people focused on sales – not shuffling documents and chasing cats.

Unstoppable Software is a team of business process consultants, technology integrators, and software developers that work with large industrial clients to plan, design and implement innovative sales and fulfillment processes that deliver massive ROI.

We seamlessly integrate with existing legacy systems and CRMs, design new tools and workflows, strike down data silos, and make each and every minute of a sales teams’ time worth more, so they can focus on what matters – building relationships and selling.  Read a little more about what we do below, and reach out if we can be of service.

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Our Services

Sales Process Innovation Consulting

The key to a successful project is having the right plan at the beginning – in our process innovation engagements, we help clients paint a picture that shows strong ROI, helps them see where the gaps in their processes are, and answers the age old question of “is this even possible?” And, we bring our decades of experience working with some of the largest companies in the world to the table, so we can help you think of approaches you haven’t considered.

CRM Integration/Customization

Often our customers already have a CRM, but need it to do more – pull in more information, trigger other processes, and just plain deliver more value. Industrial companies have many moving parts and departments, and we can help more of those folks tie into your customer databases so they can contribute and speed up your process.  We have in-depth experience integrating with and customizing Salesforce, Oracle CRM, MS Dynamics and others.

Quoting, Estimation and Engineering

At industrial firms, there are often parts of the sales process that involve a lot of math and engineering. We can deliver tools that allows your sales people to get part these parts of the process without having to whip out a calculator, or call a dozen engineers on the phone. Ultimately, this means your customers get a higher quality, more detailed, and more accurate proposal from you quicker than from your competitors.

Growth Hacking

Now more than ever, sales and marketing departments need technical experts on their team to drive conversions, leads, and fill the funnel. We partner with sales and marketing departments to deliver that expertise to tie together lead generation with emails campaigns, remarketing, analytics and aggressive growth strategies.

Big Data/Reporting for Key Sales Metrics

Perhaps more than any other department, sales departments are held accountable to their numbers – which means they need visibility into all stages of their pipeline to know what’s coming next. We deliver reporting solutions and data analytics to help them get those forward-looking answers, and employ Big Data mining solutions to predict outcomes when the future is fuzzier.

Guaranteed Custom Software Development

The last thing a busy sales manager wants to deal with is the “techies” dropping the ball by running over budget or delivering crappy software. Which is why when we engage with clients to deliver our solutions, we guarantee a successful implementation. This means you can focus on training your sales people and driving results, not arguing with software developers.

Praise From Our Clients

  • It was a pleasure to work with Unstoppable Software. Their technical expertise, effort and work ethics were instrumental to the success of many of our projects. They work very well in a team environment and are extremely resourceful.

    Software EngineerMajor Manufacturer
  • Unstoppable Software are creative geniuses who listen to your thoughts and ideas and implement them into a total package that attracts attention and gets results. I am proud to have worked with them on multiple projects and consider them to be an asset to my organization.

    Debra RutlenDR Cabs, LLC
  • I wholeheartedly recommend Sam and the team at Unstoppable Software. We utilized the team to develop an automated system for preparing proposals for our external customers. The system that was developed for us was simple to use, easy to update & maintain and quickly supported by the development team on the rare occasions that it was necessary. The Unstoppable Software team is fantastic! They built us exactly the product we described to them, on time & on budget. Thank you for a great product.

    Jennifer M.Customer since 2014
  • When I was starting up a new custom software department I needed someone I could trust. Trust to build good solutions, trust to engage with my clients and users, and trust to get the job done. Sam Schutte and his team of developers NEVER broke my trust and always rose to the challenges that faced us. From aiding us in building a new national quoting and booking tool, to guiding us with centralizing our tracking of safety documentation across 23 branch locations, Unstoppable Software always approached our challenges with enthusiasm, tenacity and sustainable solutions. If you're looking for a company to help solve tough problems that you want to TRUST, then ask Unstoppable Software to listen to your challenges, you won't be disappointed.
    VP of Project ManagementBillion Dollar+ Manufacturer
  • The best thing about Unstoppable Software is that they listen to me and really care about finding out what I want. Unlike other consultants, I feel I can trust them and they just hands-down deliver every time. We have worked with them for over 2 years, spending hundreds of thousands, and it's been worth every penny.
    IT/Application Development DirectorHealthcare Provider
  • By hiring Unstoppable Software, I hired a team for my business. They have helped me take my software idea from my brain to reality, and gave great ideas to improve the concept.
    Startup Founder
  • The Unstoppable team is just that, unstoppable! The Unstoppable team worked with our internal programmers to assist with architecture, document and data management, web and window services, email notifications, web interfaces between internal and external customers, and CAD interfaces to create customer drawings. All of this was done in a timely fashion with great customer care in mind.
    Software Application ManagerFortune 50 Company

Case Studies

We help our clients move mountains – powerful sales management systems, new ideas for game-changing processes, solid support staff and inventive solutions make the seemingly impossible a reality for businesses. Here are a few examples of what we can do:

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