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Is your office surrounded by stacks of paper orders, invoices, briefings, policies, and other paper documents?  With today’s modern paperless filing system technology, there’s no reason to be stuck under a mountain of paper anymore.

There are three main problems with relying on paper filing to store your information:

You can’t search it – without using a digital filing system, you can’t search on the contents of your documents.  If you implement an electronic document system, however, you can quickly search the document contents and access all the information you need.

It’s easily lost – we often hear about important paper documents that get lost behind desks, causing angry customers when orders get missed.  Even worse, losing something like a contract can have serious legal ramifications for your company.

It takes up a lot of room to store – just look at most doctor’s offices today, and you’ll see that without an electronic medical record system, their patient folders are taking up a lot of room in their offices.  Does this look like your business’s office?  Should it?  With a paperless filing system, you can store hundreds of thousands of documents on a single DVD, or small server.

Once it’s no longer needed, it’s hard to get rid of – companies like Iron Mountain charge an arm and a leg to store and/or shred your paper documents – why pay them to do that when you can simply archive off your electronic files to a backup disc, and toss it in a safe?  With an electronic document management system, you can do just that.

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Sam Schutte
Sam Schutte

Sam is the founder of Unstoppable Software, and has his hands in all aspects of its operations and growth. He loves architecting software solutions to fit a specific business need and helping CIOs and other technology managers figure out their software development strategies.

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