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DevOps for the Scaled Agile Enterprise

In this course, you’ll gain an understanding of the role of DevOps in a Scaled Agile organization. Unlike other training that focuses only on the mechanics of DevOps, our DevOps for the Agile Enterprise course explores the role of DevOps in the context of the entire IT value stream, and prepares you to successfully plan and implement DevOps capabilities that significantly extend the benefits of Agile transformations.

This course will be conducted remotely via GoToMeeting from our offices in Cincinnati, OH.
This is a live course, and attendees can ask questions and interact with our Agile Coach.

Cost Per Student: $990 USD
Course Duration: Half Day
Offered Every Friday Jan through March 2019

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Our Agile Coach

Grant Gibson, our Agile Coach, is a practicing Agilist with over 10 years of experience coaching, leading teams, managers and executives.  His past experience includes starting, scaling and exiting a SAAS product company, serving as a Product Manager, Scrum Master and Visionary.  He has worked with small, mid-market and Fortune 500 sized companies across the United States.


Intended primarily for Development, Operations, QA practitioners, and Leaders charged with improving software time-to-market and quality. This course is also appropriate for those in peripheral roles such as Security, Architecture, Product Management, Program Management, and Portfolio Management who desire a foundational understanding of the critical role of DevOps in the Agile enterprise.


  • Understand prevailing industry definitions of DevOps
  • Define DevOps in the context of your enterprise
  • Describe the benefits of DevOps and the metrics used to measure them
  • Describe the 5 stages of the deployment pipeline
  • Understand how DevOps and Agile work together to achieve continuous delivery
  • Understand key DevOps roles and responsibilities
  • Identify deployment challenges and opportunities in your environment
  • Build and prioritize a DevOps transformation backlog
  • Launch a DevOps action plan that extends the benefits of Agile

What is Agile?

Agile is an approach to software development and business practices that has rapidly become mainstream. Incorporating the Agile philosophy into IT organizations has been shown to more rapidly deliver working software, increase quality, and decrease time-to-market. Using a mixture of techniques that together form modern Agile practices such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), user stories, test-driven development, etc, teams can significantly improve their productivity and morale.

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