Define the Possible: New Product Ideation Package

Do you have a potential idea for a software product, but aren’t sure what’s possible?  With this engagement, you’ll get access to our best ideas and analysis on your ideas, as well as new ideas that you haven’t even thought of yet.

We’ve developed hundreds of software apps and systems, both for startups and large companies, and we are experts at looking at the rough ideas you have, and firming them up into a true product design that can take on competitors in the market and grow your company.

With this package, we will work with you through a simple, 3-step process to discuss your initial concepts, perform R&D to design new market-penetrating ideas, and then present these new ideas to you with ideas for build costs.

Engagement Cost: $4,990

We will begin the engagement within two weeks of purchase, or on your schedule.

Engagement Leader

Sam Schutte, our CEO and Chief Software Architect, has built, designed, and led software product teams for the last 20 years.  His past experience includes healthcare systems, engineering software, process optimization databases and B2C apps for startups and Fortune 500 companies.  He has worked with teams to gain investment capital, prototype new ideas, and bring compelling new solutions to market with 5 to 8 figure budgets.  He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh, and an MBA in Business Intelligence from Xavier University.

Target Participant

This engagement is intended for any entrepreneur, department head, executive manager or individual who has an idea for a software system that they might be able to launch – either in the public market or within the walls of their business.  The ideal participant would have a basic idea for what they want to accomplish, but aren’t sure if they’re missing out on key details that would make or break the app, and aren’t sure how to find out what those missing pieces might be.


  • Define the key goals of your system in terms programmers can understand
  • Uncover new ideas for features that will increase the ROI and success of your software
  • Tap into broad market knowledge in B2C/B2B marketplaces, marketing technologies and best practices for ease of use
  • Determine what advanced features you could add to your product that would fit within your budget

What is Ideation?

Ideation is an important state of the Design Thinking process, and includes such approaches as Sketching, Prototyping, Brainstorming, Brainwriting, as well as other techniques.  Using a best of breed approach, ideation allows you to see what others aren’t seeing in the market, and create a product that is more likely to succeed for a lower implementation cost.

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