What does Unstoppable Software do?

We are a high quality, custom software development firm. Most of our clients are businesses, although we can also work with non-profit or government organizations.

What software platforms do you work with?

We have expertise in a wide variety of software languages, platforms and systems, including Microsoft .Net, Java, and iOS. If you need software development on a particular platform not listed here, please contact us. If we can’t help you, we may be able to refer you to someone who can.

Do you work with clients outside of Cincinnati?

Yes. We can work with clients anywhere.

Is there a minimum or maximum project size that you work on?

We do not have strict limits, but most projects range between $30,000 and $5 million.

What else do you do besides custom software development?

Our main focus is custom software development, but we also have great expertise in project management, software testing, business analysis, and system architecture. We also have many years of business experience, so our value goes far beyond simple programming. We make sure we understand the business case behind the software, so when we do write the code, it does exactly what it is supposed to.

How experienced are your team members?

We pride ourselves on having one of the best software development teams in the country. Our programmers wrote the operating system for Garmin GPS devices, wrote the particle algorithms for Call of Duty and Mythbusters, wrote numerous iPad and Android apps, developed enterprise-class electronic medical records systems, and more. Our software developers have literally worked on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of software products for their employers in their careers.

How are you different from all the other software development firms out there?

We often pull off software development projects that other firms or in-house development teams had struggled with for years.

We find that most other developers use a seat-of-your-pants approach to software development, which tends to fall flat on its face when approaching mission-critical projects. By applying our rigorous and proven process to software development, we are truly Unstoppable.

Our industry is highly regulated and we need a firm that already knows the regulations. Can you help us?

The Unstoppable Software team has experience with HIPAA, ISO9001, FDA CFR Part 11, HACCP, Sarbanes Oxley, and other regulations/quality management protocols. Give us a call to discuss.

We need a lot of software development, but do not have enough cash to pay for it right now. Do you work for equity or on a contingency basis?

We do not usually work for equity or on a contingency basis. However, if you can break the work into smaller steps and pay for each step as it is completed, we should be able to work together. Give us a call to discuss.

Are you willing to have regular meetings with our staff to make sure work is getting done?

Not only are we willing to, but we require it as part of our process. Constant open communication between team members is one of the vital aspects of our method that allows us to succeed where others fail.

Are your developers based overseas?

Our developers are all based in the USA. We are proud to say that our software is “Made in the USA.”

How do you compare to a typical “body shop” consulting company or staffing agency?

Most consulting companies out there are really just staffing agencies. They’ll help you hire a developer, but as far as making sure they get the job done – it’s up to you to manage them. We find that our clients would rather focus on their core competency, rather than trying to become an expert software development shop. So that’s where we come in – we’re the expert software development shop that can function as an arm of your business, tightly integrated with your goals.

Who will support our software for us after the project is complete?

We can train your internal IT people to be able to support the software we write. Or, if your company has no internal staff or doesn’t have the bandwidth to support our app, we have reasonable, flexible maintenance and support plans available to make sure your software runs efficiently for years to come.

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