Back in 2009, I was knee-deep in the software world, itching to land the perfect gig. After a hunt that felt longer than a Lord of the Rings marathon, our founder, Sam Schutte, swooped in and hired me as a software development consultant for Unstoppable Software. Let me tell you, working from my PJs and whipping up fresh software solutions for different clients was a dream.

Fast forward over 15 years later and things have evolved quite a bit. I have taken over as the owner and operator of Unstoppable Software. We have shifted our primary focus towards catering to clients in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. I even wear a button-down shirt from time to time.

In a world where remote work has become the norm, we have a decade-long headstart in remote operations, which serves as evidence of our effective communication, adaptibility, and sheer determination. With the ability to serve companies anywhere in the world, we maintain our commitment to excellence by ensuring that our developers are based solely in the United States of America.

At Unstoppable Software, we thrive on challenges and embrace the opportunity to implement solutions, no matter the constraints. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, diving deep into your systems to unearth opportunities for improvement. Connecting different pieces of existing software is our forte, we often integrate disparate systems into a seamless, cohesive whole. We approach each project with enthusiasm, creativity, and a determination to deliver results that exceed expectations. Because for us, no challenge is too daunting, and no constraint is insurmountable when it comes to helping our clients achieve their goals.

You may have been overwhelmed by other firms trying to sell a complete overhaul of your software technology. It doesn’t always have to be that way. We can help to improve it piece by piece, phase by phase, or in isolated areas… wherever it makes the most sense to see value before going All-In.

In the end, we allow our clients to focus on their core business instead of worrying about implementing software to meet their custom needs. We think it’s an important part of helping make them Unstoppable.

Nathan Stuller
Unstoppable Software, Inc.

Our Leadership

Nathan Stuller

In his 13 years with Unstoppable, Nathan has built enterprise software systems that process over $100M in revenue weekly for our clients, and led project teams to success in complex environments. He has an innate ability to keep a project on task, advocate for the right choices for our clients, and in-depth technical understanding.

BS Computer Sci. / ISThe Ohio State University 2003

Sam Schutte

Sam founded Unstoppable in 2008 to help clients drive software development innovation and drastically reduce costs through automation. Over the last 14 years, he has worked with 8 companies that have over a billion dollars in revenue, and saved his clients millions of dollars of wasted cost.

BS Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh 2000
MBA Xavier University, 2010

Brad Himelstein
Lead Developer

Brad is a seasoned software consultant with a dynamic background. With early experience at Microsoft as a Software Test Engineer, he now excels in crafting tailored applications that align precisely with user needs. Brad’s expertise ensures rapid and precise application development, making him an invaluable asset to any project.

Psych, EPOB, University of Colorado Boulder 1994

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