samI landed my first job as a software developer right out of college at the end of the dotcom bubble. I posted my resume at 11 AM, got a call from a recruiter at 2 PM and had a contract position locked down by 4 PM that same day.

That first job was a great start. I wrote HIPAA-compliant medical record systems that sold for millions of dollars. But something bothered me: I noticed that some of the other developers — also contract workers — were not what they were cracked up to be.

I spent the next ten years working at different software product development companies and startups. While I experienced some great successes, I began to question the standard approach to software development. Too many projects went over budget, veered off scope, or never lived up to their potential. I began to realize it wasn’t enough just to have great developers on your team: successful software development required experienced project managers, architectural design experts, top-notch tools, a proven methodology, and a productive, flexible environment that let smart people get things done.

So I left the corporate world and entered the world of consulting. I figured consultants must have “cracked the code”. But I quickly found that most consulting companies were really just body shops. They didn’t take the time to understand a problem and then build a solution; they just placed a warm body in a chair, often without adequate screening.

I founded Unstoppable Software because I wanted to do it right. When a client hires us, they get a bolt-on, ready-to-go software development “factory” — complete with “foremen” working the “shop floor”, and a structured software development methodology in place. Our clients don’t worry about managing “Diva” developers or wonder if the code they are producing is any good. We take care of all that. We monitor the people, the project, the process, and the code, all using our best practice methodology and tools.

In the end, we allow our clients to focus on their core business instead of worrying about software development. We think it’s an important part of helping make them Unstoppable.

Sam Schutte
Unstoppable Software, Inc.

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