How do you know what you want to build?

We help determine areas where work can be improved

First, we take the time to understand your unique needs long before we ever write a single line of code. When we do start coding, the work goes quickly.

The Strategic Implementation Approach is about information gathering and determining areas where work can be improved. It’s arguably the most important step of a software project, and it doesn’t take as long as you might think. That’s because our team already has years of experience developing software for the Manufacturing and Engineering industries.

We also don’t spend weeks upon weeks at the start of the project to nail down every single detail about how the proposed system will work, because that strategy usually leads to stale requirements: they eventually stop making sense or have marginal value to the client.

Instead, we make sure to prioritize the requirements that are identified and break up the work into small chunks that can deliver the most important features first. You, as the client, get to provide feedback on working features as early as possible. You don’t have to wait until the entire scope of the project has been implemented. This results in software that is delivered earlier and is still relevant. These strategies represent the foundation of Agile Software Development, the approach upon which we have previously built projects under budget, on time.

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