No matter how good the software is, things change.

We work with you to maintain your custom software's impact

Simply put, our goal as consultants is to make ourselves obsolete. We want to develop an application that empowers your team to understand and maintain it, without depending on us to keep coming back to make changes and draw from your budget.

We start this process by creating an application that is only as complex as it needs to be, so users and developers grasp how to use it intuitively. After it is built, there are multiple paths that can be taken:

• We may warranty bugs found over a certain window of time from when the application was put in production.

• We can document how the application works and how it is written

• We can “train the trainer,” so members of your organization have the knowledge to teach new users of the application.

• We can mentor current members of your IT staff by working alongside them over the duration of the project while demonstrating best practices in source control, release planning, web security, etc.

After customers get used to our high velocity of producing valuable software, it is often the case that we will continue to work on enhancements to the original app or new projects, as new ideas for investment in technology come to mind. Whichever approach you choose, we’ll be there when you need us.

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