Top 5 Qualities of the Best Mobile App Developers

The ever-increasing interest in apps has driven many tech-minded folks into the mobile development industry. Mobile software development companies are looking to create the next breakout app and make a big paycheck. The problem with this increase in developers is that the market has become absolutely saturated by new mobile apps—particularly bad mobile apps.

How does a developer stand out amongst the crowded marketplace? What separates the success stories from the failures? The below traits will help any developer or mobile app company create a great product. If you are a developer looking to succeed, consider ways in which you can increase the presence and strength of these traits within yourself.

1.) Creativity

First and foremost, companies and developers looking to make a splash in the mobile app industry need to have a creative spirit. What will differentiate your app amongst the millions that already exist? Finding that profitable niche, and creating a great app to exploit it, will require creative thinking. Being creative is more than being “an artist”, it’s the ability to think differently; to see the world and its needs a new way. This mindset will give you insight into how your mobile app will fit the public landscape.

2.) Foresight

What was similar about all the most successful mobile apps? It was not just that they were excellent pieces of software—it was timing. The companies and developers of the top mobile apps today were able to look into the future and see a need and a market for their apps. They possessed strong foresight. The ability to anticipate the needs of the mobile app consumer market will give you an incredible leg-up on the competition. Develop your sense of foresight by always paying attention. Listen to what the general populace thinks about and what it is interested in. Stay educated on tech and software advancement. Use this knowledge to keep the pulse of the market.

3.) Technical Savvy

holding a mobile phone
What app developer will be able to find real success if he or she is not imbued with deep technical skills? Simply put, if mobile app development is your chosen career path, you need to be the best of the best. The only way to increase your technical savvy is by immersion. Fill your life with software and app interaction. You must not view devices as black boxes, where the magic behind the glass just works. Learn the details. Become an expert. Eventually all your hard work will pay off because you’ll know more than anyone around you.

4.) Flexibility

It can be easy to become rigid when you are in the pursuit of something you have long worked hard for. Unfortunately, the tech industry is always changing and evolving, and if you do not evolve with it you will get left behind. Mobile software development companies need to remember that staying flexible will serve them in the long run. Be willing to try new ideas, new models, and new methods. Oftentimes the willingness to test an idea that doesn’t match your initial plan will yield incredible success.

5.) Tenacity

It’s a tough market. There is a lot of money to be made in the app development industry, so many developers and companies have their eye on the prize. It will be easy to give up but try not to. Tenacity is the ability to keep at something after your juice runs out. Tenacity is what will push you through difficult times. If you’ve got a good idea, do not give up easily. Success is given to those who earn it. Be the one who earns it.

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