Inspection Fines Management System


The building inspection department of a Fortune 50 company managed equipment in approximately 5,000 buildings. A typical building received 10-20 inspection violations each year. The company tracked these violations using paper folders with colored identification tabs, which was slow, prone to error, and labor intensive. If the violations were not quickly corrected, the company was fined, and while each fine was relatively small (about $250 per fine), the sheer number of violations led to millions of dollars in fines each year.

The company hired Unstoppable Software to build a web-based inspection violation management system.


We developed a customized inspection violation management system which tracked all records electronically. The new system simultaneously lowered staffing costs, reduced errors, and decreased fines by 99% over the next 2 years.



Inspection Fines Management System

Project Budget


Project Timeframe

9 months

Estimated ROI

The company saved millions of dollars in fines each year, leading to an estimated ROI of 4,000% over two years.

Technologies Used

ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, AJAX, jQuery, PDF manipulation

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