Patient Diagnostics and Treatment Management System


A large health services provider used paper folders to manage patient treatment, which made it very difficult to create reports, share information, and comply with Medicaid audit requirements. Additionally, since Medicaid can impose hefty fines if they don’t see a proper audit trail, this customer risked losing millions of dollars in Medicaid reimbursements.

The health services provider hired us to build a HIPAA-compliant diagnosis and patient treatment management system.


Our solution allowed the provider to track all patient treatments online. The new system dramatically reduced errors. It also fulfilled a request from company staff that had been pending for 5 years, increasing employee efficiency and job satisfaction.



Patient Diagnostics and Treatment Management System

Project Budget


Project Timeframe

2 years

Technologies Used

WPF, C#, SQL Server, XAML, Microsoft Blend, Electronic Signature Capture, SSRS

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