SQL Server Reports for a Human Resources Software Product


Unstoppable Software was retained by the vendor of a Human Resources software product to develop a series of reports for their Exit Interview Automation product. The client had previously hired an overseas software vendor to develop their system, with poor results, as the backend database of their product was overly complicated and hard to work with. This meant that existing junior development staff were unable to figure out how to report on the data, and how to write import tools and scripts for the database.


We began the project by having to do a good amount of analysis on the database structure, which had hundreds of tables when it really only needed twenty or so. It was obvious that the overseas firm was confused by the requirements for the system, and basically had adopted the mission of making the system as complicated as possible (probably so they could bill as much as possible). With our guaranteed, fixed-rate approach, we were instead motivated to succeed on behalf of our client instead of just running up the bill.

At the end of the project, the import tool was developed and deployed to product, as well as the SQL Server Reports that were requested. The client then moved forward with further development of the features in the system.


SQL Server Reports for a Human Resources Software Product

Project Budget


Project Timeframe

2 months of development time

Estimated ROI

The ability to import their necessary data and supply their users with much-requested reports meant that they satisfied customer demands rather than risk losing those customers.

Technologies Used

ASP.NET, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Stored Procedures (T-SQL), Microsoft SQL Server

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