Commercial Real Estate – Lease Management System


A large commercial real estate firm identified an issue in their business process – their employees were doing far too much paperwork and attempting to manage their leases via Excel sheets and email.  At the time, a significant number of full time resources were devoted to these kinds of tasks.

Unstoppable Software was hired to develop software using Angular, a leading-edge javascript web development platform, that would enable them to manage this workflow with far less effort and fewer mistakes.  Our software not only needed to be user-friendly and easy to use, but it also had to integrate with existing third-party platforms the company was running such as Sharepoint.


We dove into this project and were able to complete the system within 4 months, ahead of schedule and to the customer’s delight.  Their end users loved the system and quickly accepted it. They were able to save an estimated $500,000 a year in unnecessary costs for their $50,000 software development investment.


Commercial Real Estate

Project Budget


Project Timeframe

4 months

Estimated ROI


Skills Used

AngularJS, .NET, Web API, Sharepoint, C#, HTML5, javascript

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