Contract Scanning Application


A large service organization had a problem: they had 160 salespeople at 120 office locations, and all of their contracts were on paper, stored in various locations around the country. This made it very difficult for salespeople in different areas to share contract information with each other, and also meant that management and staff had to travel to each location to research information about the contracts.

We were contracted to develop a scanning system that would capture contract data, recognize barcodes from cover sheets attached to the contracts, and then store all of this information in the customer’s Oracle CRM system.


After implementing our scanning system, the company scanned their entire collection of paper-based contracts (approximately 8,000,000 pages of paper!) through our system. Salespeople and other administrative staff could now see each contract in its entirety, share information appropriately, populate data in other systems, and make better management decisions.



Contract Scanning Application

Project Budget


Project Timeframe

6 months

Estimated ROI

The new system improved the efficiency of the sales team and reduced annual travel costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars, leading to an estimated ROI of 900%.

Technologies Used

C#, Windows Services, Optical Barcode Recognition, PDF manipulation libraries, Microsoft Exchange API, .NET Windows Forms, ASP.NET Web Services

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