Custom CRM System for Industrial Manufacturing


CRM systems are one of the most popular pieces of software on the market – in fact, many would agree that CRM products like Salesforce were the first SAAS web apps.

However, often we have found that the sales missions of clients are far too specialized to be served well by an off the shelf CRM system. By the time you pay the exorbitant license fees and many tens of thousands of dollars of customization fees, you end up with a Frankenstein’s monster of a system that is neither specialized enough to fit, nor easy enough to use.

One of our clients faced a similar challenge – how do they roll out a highly specialized sales process and incentive model when all the available CRM products were cookie-cutter and did not include any functionality or workflows to support this model?

Unstoppable was hired by this firm to build a totally custom CRM for use by 500 sales professionals.


We successfully built the system over a six month period, for a budget of $80,000, and tested the system before a successful rollout.

The client’s employees rapidly adopted the new system (they were moving off of a legacy Microsoft Access database), and management was able to apply its own metrics and reporting to determine which products and salespeople were most successful.

The best feedback we received was that compared to Salesforce and other off the shelf solutions, the system was very easy to use, and involved a minimal amount of time from the users.

An added benefit was that since no one else in their industry was using the innovative sales model they were following, nor had a software system to pull it off and monitor it, it put them at a competitive advantage over their largest competitors, and created intellectual property that increased the value of their firm.


Industrial Manufacturer

Project Budget


Project Timeframe

6 months of development time

Estimated ROI

$80,000 investment

$600,000 – $1,000,000 additional annual sales by better adoption and monitoring of sales processes, capitalizing on upsell opportunities

Technologies Used


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