Oil and Gas Manufacturing – Production Management Software


A large client was struggling to keep track of the serial numbers on the parts and materials they were producing for the oil and gas industry.  This led to issues, because when a part failed for a customer or their was a warranty issue, they could not determine which shift made the part, what equipment it was produced on, etc.

Unstoppable Software designed a touch-screen system to capture data about the part batches that were produced by each shift, and the serial numbers corresponding to each customer.  This system would be usable by the employees on the factory floor, and would greatly increase the firm’s ability to monitor the quality assurance of their parts and handle warranty issues.


The designed  system met the needs of the customer and was implemented with great success.  By going through our discovery and design process, the customer found issues with the ways they were approaching certain problems and uncovered innovative solutions to problems they hadn’t even thought of.


Oil and Gas Manufacturing

Project Budget


Project Timeframe

3 months

Estimated ROI


Skills Used

WPF, Web API, C#, Microsoft .NET

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