The Cincinnati Technology Industry – Part 1

In the last few years, we’ve noticed quite a lot of growth in the Cincinnati technology industry, which doesn’t often get mentioned in traditional media. So, this article is the first in a series covering some aspects of the technology market of our hometown, which we think is a great place to work in technology.

Cincinnati has several unique aspects that make it a great place for businesses such as consulting firms, software companies, and other technology ventures. Firstly, there is a great talent pool here, partly because of the number of universities here. Additionally, the fact that there are so many Fortune 500 companies headquartered here means that for consulting companies or web media companies, there’s a lot of big projects available. Finally, the low cost of living in this city, and commensurate reasonable salary expectations means that a technology start up can hire top staff at reasonable rates, and also won’t burn through their venture capital by having to pay $10,000 a month in rent, as might be the case in other more expensive cities.

In addition to these aspects, there is also quite a strong tradition of successful technology companies in the area. Firms such as SRDC and Cincom are extremely well known in their field, with Cincom being one of the largest and oldest privately owned software companies in the country.

There have also been some recent happenings that I think illustrate some of the exciting things that are happening with tech in Cincinnati:

– Microsoft Acquisition of Engyro, a local software company providing network management tools
– Investment and growth of Tata Consulting offices here
– Vora Ventures’ efforts, including the Vora Technology Park, the creation of Ascendum, among other efforts
– The Hamilton County Business Incubator and groups like

In addition, there are a host of small start ups in town that could be mentioned – later articles will dig into some of these more deeply.

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