Latest Trends In Software Development

When it comes to software development, there are a number of current trends that are becoming more and more popular. Whether it is mobile platform development or such approaches as Agile and Scrum, there is no doubt that businesses and individuals have plenty of new technology to keep them busy.


In the past, developing software applications from top to bottom was considered the best approach. However, as technology has evolved that is no longer the case. One of the most popular trends in software development planning is using Agile software development, which allows projects to be divided up into smaller pieces. By doing this, teams can have an easier time exchanging information while working on the same project, which lets them use their time more efficiently and leads to quicker and more predictable completion times.


Directly related to an Agile methodology, Scrum project management is easier because development teams have greater flexibility when it comes to solving problems within the software. Scrum teams are kept small in order to focus on close collaboration while simultaneously working to remove any barriers that may make their project more difficult to accomplish.

Mobile Platforms

As people begin to rely more and more on mobile devices to get information and conduct business, mobile platforms are among the latest trends in software development that have seemingly endless possibilities. Some of the most popular targets of mobile platform development include:



HTML5 is expected to see widespread use in mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones as it is offers one solution to the highly sought-after “cross-platform application”. Designed to make complex web applications easier to manage, HTML5 is essentially a mixture of features found in HTML and XHTML. One of the major goals behind the development of HTML5 is its ability to better handle multimedia and graphical content from the Web, allowing a common syntax to be treated the same by various browsers. Quickly becoming the choice of many users, it’s currently estimated that one-third of Fortune 500 companies use HTML5 to run their websites.

As these latest trends in software development show, the sky is the limit when it comes to how technology can be used in today’s world. With the competition between companies being more intense than ever, there will undoubtedly be many more advances in software development within the next decade that will take the world by storm.

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