Give Your Software Projects Artificial Intelligence

Our Expert Team of Cincinnati based AI Developers
Work with Clients to Train Machine Learning Models and Create Algorithms
Using Off-The-Shelf AI Platforms such As TensorFlow, Azure ML, AWS ML, and IBM Watson

Identify Anomalies  |  Enable Machine-Based Decisions  |  Leverage Neural Networks

Anomaly Detection

Identify rare events that shouldn’t be taking place, defects in equipment, or actions by employees that detract from your success.

Neural Networks

The neural networks we build use reinforcement learning to learn the best approach to problems with minimal direction.

Image Recognition

We can leverage image and video recognition to gather information without requiring data entry, and stop problems before they happen.

Protect The Edge Cases

You can write code to prevent the known problems, but what about the unknown problems?  Machine learning can help you learn things that humans aren’t capable of noticing easily.

Predict Outcomes

Computers have the fascinating ability to “figure out” outcomes on their own and predict customer actions in a more efficient way.  Our intelligent bots can help you determine the likelihood of a range of human behaviors.

Benefit from The Idea Cloud

For most problems, someone else has already solved it.  Benefit from pre-trained AI models that let you hit the ground running and get a solution deployed quicker.

Easy to Talk To | Fun to Work With | Great Communicators

Praise From Our Clients

  • It was a pleasure to work with Unstoppable Software. Their technical expertise, effort and work ethics were instrumental to the success of many of our projects. They work very well in a team environment and are extremely resourceful.

    Software Engineer Major Manufacturer
  • Unstoppable Software are creative geniuses who listen to your thoughts and ideas and implement them into a total package that attracts attention and gets results. I am proud to have worked with them on multiple projects and consider them to be an asset to my organization.

    Debra Rutlen DR Cabs, LLC
  • I wholeheartedly recommend Sam and the team at Unstoppable Software. We utilized the team to develop an automated system for preparing proposals for our external customers. The system that was developed for us was simple to use, easy to update & maintain and quickly supported by the development team on the rare occasions that it was necessary. The Unstoppable Software team is fantastic! They built us exactly the product we described to them, on time & on budget. Thank you for a great product.

    Jennifer M. Customer since 2014
  • When I was starting up a new custom software department I needed someone I could trust: Trust to build good solutions, trust to engage with my clients and users, and trust to get the job done. Sam Schutte and his team of developers NEVER broke my trust and always rose to the challenges that faced us. From aiding us in building a new national quoting and booking tool, to guiding us with centralizing our tracking of safety documentation across 23 branch locations, Unstoppable Software always approached our challenges with enthusiasm, tenacity and sustainable solutions. If you're looking for a company to help solve tough problems that you want to TRUST, then ask Unstoppable Software to listen to your challenges, you won't be disappointed.

    VP of Project Management Billion Dollar+ Manufacturer
  • The best thing about Unstoppable Software is that they listen to me and really care about finding out what I want. Unlike other consultants, I feel I can trust them and they just hands-down deliver every time. We have worked with them for over 2 years, spending hundreds of thousands, and it's been worth every penny.

    IT/Application Development Director Healthcare Provider
  • By hiring Unstoppable Software, I hired a team for my business. They have helped me take my software idea from my brain to reality, and gave great ideas to improve the concept.

    Startup Founder
  • The Unstoppable team is just that, unstoppable! The Unstoppable team worked with our internal programmers to assist with architecture, document and data management, web and window services, email notifications, web interfaces between internal and external customers, and CAD interfaces to create customer drawings. All of this was done in a timely fashion with great customer care in mind.

    Software Application Manager Fortune 50 Company
  • Previously, we were using a lot of manual processes. We were writing notes on design drawings and leaving them on someone's desk. We were tracking items via spreadsheets and email. Unstoppable worked with us to build a solution that tied all these pieces of information together. With the amount we've grown since we launched the application, we now know we never would have been able to manage without it. It has made a huge impact.

    Todd Rutherford Managing Partner, Greenlight Optics
  • Unstoppable took my vision and made it just about how I was thinking it would look, feel, and flow. I expect it to have a tremendous impact out on the floor and that the staff will buy-in. They are really excited about it. The solution is wonderful and it's been great to work with Unstoppable.

    Patrick McNerney President, McNerney & Associates

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