12 Infographics: Latest Information Technology Trends

Infographics are a great way to convey statistics and complex concepts simply. By consuming just a dozen visual representations, one can gain an understanding of the current trends and challenges of an industry. Below, you will find 12 enlightening infographics about the latest information technology trends from around the Web.

Mobile Apps

Increases in Mobile App Development
Highlights: Mobile platform percentage, Mobile app funding, and Mobile enterprise app adoption

How Long Does it Take to Build a Mobile App
Highlights: The steps involved in building a mobile app as well as the total time it takes

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Big Data

Data Flow: A World Driven by Data and Data Driving the World
Highlights: From where data is found, how it is processed, and the benefits of collecting it

Humanizing Big Data
Highlights: Types of data, the benefits of processing it, and the landscape of the Big Data Industry

Information Security

Web Threats
Highlights: The costs of successful attacks, attack types, and proactive defenses

Enterprise Software Security Management: Where’s the Risk?
Highlights: Costs of attacks, attack types, and proactive defenses

Software Project Management

The Software Development Life-Cycle
Describes a high-level view of the different software development life cycle phases and methodologies to manage a project

Software Outsourcing Things to Consider
Highlights: Trends of software outsourcing and tips for success

6 Red Flags of IT Application Development
Software Project Challenges
Highlights: Statistics about the number of failed software projects and the reasons

Areas of Interest

Is the Internet of Things (IoT) Relevant to your Organization?
Highlights: The IoT landscape and drawbacks to this emerging trend

Green IT
Highlights: Benefits of environmental efforts, strategies and the potential increased business

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